I have been a little absent on my socials over the last couple of weeks since stage 4 restrictions were put into place here in Metro Melbourne and Victoria, trying to conserve my energy for the next 6 weeks to come.

I have been doing my best to stay positive and trying to keep my cool in such an uneasy and uncertain time. I have found that any strength I have left in my tank has been needed here at home for my family and for my current clients as I also support them with their sleep issues and helping them reach some sleep goals.

Luckily for me, I can work from home and can continue to offer phone support whilst Covid gets under control. But unfortunately, having 3 school aged children and 1 toddler, working from home and navigating us all through remote schooling is getting harder by the day. My mental health is struggling. I have had to let go of any hopes or dreams I had for this year on a personal and business front and just roll with it all one day at a time. I am disappointed, I am frustrated but I am lucky.

I am a lucky one. We are safe here at home. I am not a nurse working in the Emergency Department hoping to god one of her patients who walk in aren’t Covid-19 positive. I am not the essential worker at Coles exposing myself to hundreds of people per day. I am not the essential worker who has no choice but to send her kids to school right now. I am not the aged care nurse holding the hands of one of their residents as they struggle to take their last breath. I haven’t just lost my job and find myself alongside hundreds of others filling out applications for government assistance.

I am a lucky one. I have no grandparents in aged care and I am not anxiously waiting, hoping and praying they will be ok, not just because of Covid-19 but the loneliness they are experiencing in what could be the last years of their life. I am lucky, because my children are all of good health with no at risk conditions so I am confident if we had to, we could fight off covid-19 pretty well. I am lucky I am not a police officer having to ask people on the streets to put on their mask and then be attacked for doing my job.

I am lucky. I am grateful. Especially for all of those mentioned above.

This is such a weird time. But we must remember who we are, what we have in our lives and the possibilities that are meeting us. Go back to the core and see what really truly matters for you, there you will see, you have it.

Every morning, the sun rises bringing light and warmth. Every morning, we have a choice to rise with the sun, or stay down in the dark. Some days are harder to rise than others, but I choose to rise.