The kids and i were in the Herald Sun last week in an article about a study on busy families eating less at the dinner table and more on the run!

The article explained that due to hectic lifestyles, parents working long hours and kids doing more after school activities, more families are eating in the car or in front of the TV. It was so nice to be part of an article that showed understanding toward parents and encouraged us to not feel the guilt or feel like moral failures, because realistically, it is just the way it is sometimes.

Although we eat at the dinner table most nights, some days, we have no choice and have to do what we can to get the kids fed.
Does this make me lazy? NO!
Does this mean i love my children any less? NO!
Does this mean i am not choosing the best for my family and should feel guilty? NO!
Does this mean i could probably be a little more organised some days…. ummmm, meh 🤷‍♀️.

Some days, dinner will not be served at the dinner table.
Some days, we opt for takeaway on the way home or grab a roast chook from coles.
Some days it is eggs on toast.
Whether it be due to hectic or busy lives or purely because you have had a bad day and don’t want to cook, it is okay!

Now, I am not saying that we run out and get junk food every night, or doing that all the time would be okay 🍟🍔😄, it is all about balance! My point is, we have to let go of our guilt and the pressure to prepare a gourmet home cooked meal every. single. night! As long as the kids are fed and happy and we choose a healthy option when we can, what is the big deal?

Most of the time, we are our own worst critics. Let it go, show up, do your best. That is all anyone can do!


picture courtesy of the Herald Sun.