Some words are fleeting and pass by without a thought and some words can stop you in your tracks. Some are positive, others negative and damaging.

A couple of days ago, a wonderful lady called me POWERFUL.

This word is not one that i would ever have resonated with myself. It stopped me in my tracks.

For a moment i brushed it off, but then, i felt it. I believed her. If she could see me as POWERFUL then i had to be displaying some of the traits of a powerful person.
I had to believe her.

I have been thinking of this one word for days now, and find myself not only looking back on all the things i have done in my life to make me POWERFUL, but thinking of all the things i can do to make others POWERFUL.

Words come and go, but this one has stuck. Thank you to the beautiful lady who helped me see me through her eyes!

Why don’t you use your power of speech and words, or even this Facebook post, to tell or tag a lady/fella and let them know in ONE word how you see them. It just might stick xx