I wrote this for my son Billy who has his first day of school this week! Such mixed emotions here! 🥰😃
To all the parents preparing for their child’s first day at school, I am sending love and comfort your way, it can be such an emotional time xx

“I guess it is time to say goodbye as you start your first day of school, I hope your teacher’s will take good care of you… oh I know they will.

You have your uniform on that is way too big and your bag looks bigger than you, you have your brand-new lunch box packed and ready, oh I hope that you are too.

For this is the first day of many, where you will learn, grow and play, I am just a little sad that the time has come and you are off on your way.

See, you are a prep kid now, it’s the beginning of your school journey, you will rely less on Mum throughout the day and concentrate on learning.

You will do more things for yourself at school, more independent you will become, I am just a bit sad that if you graze your knee, I won’t be the one to whom you run.

I will miss you being at my side, the last 5 years have been great, I am so proud to be your mum and watch you walk through that school gate.

Now its time, the bell is ringing, you must be on your way, just know that I will miss you while you are at school but I know you will be okay.”